I’m a freelance designer, just making my way through life. I don’t have enough money to invest into monero as much as I believe in it, so this is my way of making up for it… by trying to support the network with spreading good information on it.

If you like what I do, you can support me with a donation.

XMR: 48YRGivZp7hBXnwkfBY6EQiL8xqexCEUEaLVeZvt2AtqaSijT3nqipPeDCCgA814j2FDbUydV7ZuQ96rLtdNudWGLXVAZiU

Obviously, I prefer monero, but if you’d rather donate in some other currency*, feel free to do so here:

DOGE: DKMQthTJNyKuJtoLsLnmQ3ozpovD62gVop
: bc1qupn4klfpz224uvz5huzau4c859v462kpc4sffc
LTC: LcvBg7C6o4iRfivTHgNNpZXmhPX4VcbEWd
ETH: 0xeC873671ba430361D7EE7E357bE8611cedb00DbC

*be aware that other currencies are deemed less secure by privacy and cryptography experts.